Legit Print

What is Legit Print?

Legit Print (www.legitprint.com) is our brag brand. It's how we got started in the printing world as a humble online broker leveraging technology and e-Commerce to grow as a company. Legit Print primarily focuses on smaller offset lithography gang run printing with a high end niche. Our customers are mainly creatives and startups - from individual freelancers to bigger firms and agencies. We've come a long way with partner factories across the country to provide great service to customers nationwide. 

How is Legit Group Different From Legit Print?

Legit Group serves as a parent company to Legit Print, but is also its counterpart handling larger offset lithography and specialty print jobs as a traditional brokerage. We work with corporate print buyers, marketing officers, creative directors, etc. to help facilitate a print project from research and development to physical product.

It's pretty simple if we break it down like this. Some print jobs are larger, need more attention to detail, and require more resources. This is what Legit Group focuses on. Learn more about the differences between gang run and commercial printing.