High Volume & Specialty Printing by Legit Group

We’re changing the organizational structure of our company. For years Legit Print (www.legitprint.com) has been our main focus. Within the last 2 years, we opened a parent company called Legit Group. We did this with the vision of creating great brands within the Legit Group organization.

We often get requests about doing high volume printing, and specialty printing for some of our clients. If you’ve been a Legit Print customer, you know that our sweet spot there is gang run offset lithographic printing for smaller jobs. If you need 250 16pt Silk Business Cards, postcards, brochures, etc. at a cost effective rate, then Legit Print has you covered.

However, if you need 50,000 mailers designed, printed with variable data, and mailed out, Legit Print is not the right solution. What about 100,000 catalogs or publications designed, printed and perfect bound, bundled and shrink wrapped per thousand, and distributed to different locations? Custom product packaging printed with color matching precision, foil stamping, embossing, adhesive strip closures, custom labels? These are the kinds of jobs Legit Group will exist to fulfill.

We have partner factories located nationwide and 3 Southern California sales offices to serve these types of clients. Legit Group will be the solution for brands that need high volume, color matching, close attention to detail, special applications, fulfillment instructions, etc. We will be offering factory tours and press checks to qualifying clients.

Sound like you or your client might have these types of projects? Get in touch with us at sales@legitgroup.com.

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