Legit Print Distributor Program Progress in 2015

Well, we’re almost ready to launch our Legit Print Distributor Program later this year. Right now we’re working on updating the software to the latest version and making sure everything is compatible with the new version. Once we finalize the migration to the latest version, we’ll be able to set up demos for entrepreneurs, design firms, schools, investors, network marketing companies and others who want to be a part of this exciting business opportunity.

It’s going to be fantastic for entrepreneurs because it’s a very low cost investment with a high return on investment. The business is cash and carry, meaning you don’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to collect on open invoices. Your customers will come to your website and purchase print upfront. You get paid, production begins, order ships, customer receives their Legit Print goodies. There is no inventory cost! We take care of everything in our factories. Printing is made-to-order so there is no need for you to incur inventory costs. This business opportunity has all the benefits of a franchise opportunity but none of the cost, which allows you to start making money right away.

Advertising agencies, marketing companies, design firms, etc are going to love our Legit Print Distributor Program. We already have so many clients that sell our product for a profit, or just pass-through the cost to their clients. Now they can make money or even more money by becoming one of our distributors. It’s a great way to supplement income if you’re in the advertising, marketing, or design industry. Imagine making a few thousand extra every month!

If you’re already in printing: print shops, resellers, brokers, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc – we’re here to help you enhance your business and customer service experience. On our software you could lower your overhead cost tremendously, which means more money for the bottom line.

Lastly, we also want to work with institutions like schools. We started out servicing aspiring artists and art students at art schools. That’s where it all began. So we would love to help other schools by having them in our Legit Print Distributor Program so that they can offer our products to their students. Printing is so essential for students, especially business cards. The students that have ordered our Legit Print Business Cards have seen success, lots of interviews, and continue to do exciting things in their careers.

We’ll be back with more updates, but in the meantime CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO that explains how the Legit Print Distributor Program works and how much it will cost!

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