Popular Online Printing Company Announces A Low Cost Distributor Program

Legit Print Offers Promising Opportunity to Investors and Entrepreneurs

Pasadena, CA Today, Legit Group LLC, parent company of Legit Print (www.legitprint.com), a popular online print company providing high end print solutions to customers, announced its distributor partner program to launch early 2015. Over the last 5 years, Legit Print built a reputation adding to its credibility as a brand instead of just being a printing company. After developing a niche and crafting their target demographic, Legit Print recognized potential to help others replicate their success. Similar franchise opportunities in the printing industry have strict requirements and average $250,000+. Legit Print Distributor Partnerships have just a few simple costs starting with an $1000 set up fee and a fixed cost $350 per month.


Some benefits of Legit Print Distributor Partnerships include:

  • Working from home and maintaining a flexible schedule.
  • Low initial investment and low break-even point for fast-track profitability.
  • Discounted service fee for 3+ year agreements.
  • Training and support provided – no print experience needed.

Legit Print’s CEO Justin C. Kwok said, “[Legit Print’s] Distributor Program is a leaner, more efficient way to run a printing business in today’s world. Our technologies, production network, and the market we’ve developed, offer a model that we know works. Let us take care of the fulfillment, production, and logistics. It’s for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business with little capital, creative firms and institutions like schools or network marketing companies wanting to create another revenue stream, and existing printing companies hoping to reduce cost and/or gain access to a partner with extensive production capabilities.”

Legit Print is certainly a company in a traditional industry poised to disrupt the market with their lean low-cost model leading to quicker returns. The Legit Print Distributor Partnership is something to consider investing your money in. Visit them at http://www.legitgroup.com/go/legit-print-distributors to pre-apply for distributor partnership.

About Legit Group, LLC: Legit Print is a leading online printing company located in Los Angeles, CA. After humble beginnings in their local community, Legit Print quickly grew online and now serves customers nationwide with network production facilities located in Los Angeles, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Minnesota.

Watch a video about the program here.

Legit Group, LLC
87 N. Raymond Ave Suite #210
Pasadena, CA 91103




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